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Custom Sewing Patterns

To new sewists, custom sewing patterns may be a foreign concept. But it’s simply a basic sewing pattern from which several other different and unique styles can be developed. The goal of using a custom pattern is to create clothes that fit perfectly regardless of the basic pattern used doesn’t. Custom fitting can be tricky, but we have made these patterns available for easy completion. So as far as cutting and sewing and understanding pattern pieces is concerned, any sewist should find these patterns as easy to do as commercial patterns.

Currently, we offer our custom sewing patterns under three categories with well-known brands under each one:

Amazing Fit

It shouldn’t take a long time for you to complete the patterns under this category. Amazing fit patterns mostly consists of dresses, corsets and trousers designed to fit any body type from slim to curvy. This category features pattern designer creations from the Simplicity creation. If you’re invested in making clothes that can be worn for a wide variety of body shapes, then this is the category you should be looking into.

Custom Cup Sizes

The patterns in the Custom Cup Sizes category consists of patterns for feminine pieces of clothes like dresses, swimsuits, bridal dresses, jumpsuits and more. This category features famous brands like Butterick and Vogue. So, if feminine sophistication is the look you’re going for, this is the category to check out.

Custom Fit

Custom Fit patterns feature more casual and comfortable clothes patterns for sewing. It features unisex shirts, tops, and pants from McCall’s. If you want to sew clothes that you can wear for leisure or for business, this is the category you want to explore. This should give you a better idea of what style can work from a day at the office to a night out with friends.

Advantages of Using Custom Sewing Patterns

More Room for Creativity

Off-the-rack clothing can never compare to custom-made clothes when it comes to creativity. Custom patterns allow the sewist to showcase their originality by using unique colours, styles, accessories, and fabrics. Simply put, custom sewing patterns provide you with the freedom to be as inventive as you want when it comes to the wardrobe pieces you create.

Sewing Simplification

Because custom sewing patterns provide a clear and step-by-step guide on how to complete your sewing project, the whole process is significantly simplified. Just choose a pattern, use your measurements, pick a fabric, cut, and sew! As long as you have all the necessary materials and tools, you should be able to finish your DIY clothes in a short amount of time.


It’s so easy to modify certain aspects of clothes when you’re the one sewing them. For instance, you can shorten or lengthen a dress, adjust the style of the collar, remove the sleeves or make them longer and much more! From a basic pattern you get unlimited possibilities on how you wish to complete your sewing project.

On Point Clothing Specifications

Have you ever bought a ready-to-wear dress that you can only wear during summer because it’s too thin for winter? You’re probably not the first. When you make your own clothes, you can take into account these things and make the necessary adjustments as you finish the project. Want a specific dress for a winter party? Use thicker fabrics to make it! Think a certain jacket will make a great top for summer? Trim down on the paddings and sew it a bit looser. Custom sewing ensures that you’re always wearing the right clothes for the right seasons and occasions.

Guaranteed Quality

Sewists are their own harshest critics. That means that every finished product meets or likely exceeds the minimum industry standards. What’s more, each piece of clothing will probably be a long-term work in progress with continuous improvements over the years. Meticulous about details? No worries, you’re responsible for your own quality control which means you’ll never be disappointed.


A high-quality wardrobe means you don’t have to worry about damage or accidental rips that happen in the most unexpected places. Because you made your clothes, you know how reliable they can be. You can also easily repair them if they sustain damage, and you can make improvements depending on current trends. Check out our custom sewing patterns today! It’s time for you to upgrade your sewing and explore your fun and creative side!

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