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Everything You Need to Know About Designer Sewing Patterns

From the trendiest styles to more custom designs, sewing pattern designers are slowly dominating the world with their fresh creations. Sewing your own clothes makes it easier (and more fun!) to control the quality and availability of the style you like. There’s no waiting for new stocks to arrive, wishing a certain design came in another type of fabric or taking forever to get your simple alteration done right. It’s no wonder more sewists are exploring their options when picking a pattern designer. Sewing patterns come in several sizes and collections. Some are couture, some are perfect for daywear, and some are for accessories like bags, plushies, home décor and even pet clothes! There are several things you should keep in mind before buying or ordering patterns online. You need to consider the look you’re going for and whether you’re better off sticking to a single designer. Our clothing patterns come from several brands, which offers sewists of any skill level to pick a pattern and join the maker movement. We've listed down the top things you need to consider about these patterns below, so you can make your choice easier:

Sewing Skill Level

Even beginners can sew intricate designer patterns with a bit of dedication and patience. It might just take you longer, and it may cost you more, considering the materials you might end up using in fixing inevitable errors. So, for your sake, it's better to use patterns that are more appropriate to your skill level. At Sewdirect AU, many of our items have sewing skill ratings, so picking ‘Easy’ or ‘Very Easy’ to sew garments shouldn’t be a problem.

Choice of Fabric

Our patterns come with fabric recommendations because not all fabrics will work with the same design. Normally, as the patterns become more sophisticated, so does the material. But what if you want to experiment? You should have the freedom to do so! And you can tweak our patterns however you see fit. Just make sure to take note of the fabric and its specific quality, like what makes it the perfect material for sewing the garment. That should give you a better idea of what substitutions you can make.


We have several sizing guides categorised by brand available on our website. They come in PDF files, so feel free to download or print them for reference (they come in imperial and metric system as well). Since we offer pattern collections for kids, curvy, tall, petite women and so much more, we do our best to be as specific as possible in our sizing.

Fresh Patterns for Every Sewist

Regardless of your sewing proficiency, Sewdirect AU has the perfect patterns for you. Our pattern catalogue is home to the trendiest and most timeless designs that can be worn daily or for special occasions. Unlimited crafting possibilities are at your fingertips. Explore our shop today and let the magic begin.

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