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Women’s & Plus Sizes

Our Women’s and Plus-Size dress patterns are sized and graded for the fuller figure, guaranteeing that those with curvy figures can create well-fitting and flattering garments without the need for extensive pattern alterations. From casual and workwear to leisure and evening wear designs, we’re here to offer endless options for a more versatile wardrobe. But before you start shopping, here are some things to keep in mind before adding plus-size sewing patterns to your cart.

Choose an Easy-to-Follow Pattern that You’ll Actually Complete and Wear

This is especially true for beginner sewists. Yes, we have skill level ratings available on some of the collections we feature so you can work on patterns that best match your experience, but it’s not uncommon for some sewers to be daring and take on projects that they may have underestimated as far as difficulty goes. This isn’t just a waste of resources if you suddenly lose the motivation to complete, but it’s also hours you can never get back.

There’s a reason we make the basic details of our sewing patterns available on our website. We want our clients to go through them and see which patterns are more up their alley. Remember that it’s important to start your project with a pattern that requires techniques and fabrics that you’re already familiar with. This way, you make sure the end product is something that you can wear and flaunt after it’s finished.

And make sure you only sew something you absolutely like!

Learning to sew new patterns is fun and educational, but if you’ll never wear them or have someone who will wear them, you can’t really get good feedback on what needs to be improved. If you’re not into leggings or dresses, it’s perfectly fine to skip those patterns! All the patterns in our arsenal are stylish, so you’ll never really go wrong no matter which type you pick.

Pick the Right Size for Your Curvy Body

Our women’s and plus size patterns are specifically created for the curvy and full-figured woman. That being said, no two curvy bodies are ever exactly the same, so you need to be specific about choosing the perfect size. Sometimes a pattern doesn’t fit because of lapses in the sewing process, other times it’s just because there aren’t enough options when it comes to patterns. Our collections are made to cater to several unique silhouettes so the fit will never be an issue once the pattern has been completed.

We are all about curves. We make sure the necessary allowances are made and you know you’re going to have that perfect fit long before you’ve started cutting out the fabric. If you have questions about our sizing, our experts are always happy to help you out. We want to make your experience with our collections a truly positive one, so please feel free to let us know how we can help.

Don’t Be Afraid to Play Around with the Fabric and Colour

Perhaps one of the best things about sewing your own clothes is that you get to experiment with different fabrics and colours. Just imagine having a dress you like in several fabrics and colours! You’ll practically be immune to the comfort limitations brought about by the changing seasons.

Ready to wear something light and bright for summer? Yes, you can! Want something more snug, comfortable, with muted colours for autumn? Absolutely!

The only limit that applies is the one that you have set for yourself. So, when choosing a pattern, make sure it’s one that you will enjoy playing and experimenting with. It’s also a great way to upgrade your skills through repetition.

Make Sure the Pattern Aligns with Your Fashion Sense

Or with your subject’s fashion sense. The point of sewing your own clothes is so an actual person can wear them and enjoy them, so make sure you can do that once you complete your sewing project. That’s why we’re proud of the collections we’re able to offer our clients. Not only are they created specifically for a wide range of sewists, but they also come from some of the best and biggest fashion houses in the industry.

We have women’s and plus-size sewing patterns from Simplicity, McCall’s, Burda, Butterick, New Look and more! If style is what you’re after, we’ve got you covered!

Be Mindful of the Grading

Especially for full-figured and curvy women, it’s important to have the capacity to grade a certain pattern up or down depending on the wearer’s shape. Not having the allowances to make alterations could end up in ill-fitting clothes that look unflattering. Since we offer patterns from several brands, we understand if you’re going to struggle with choosing the right pattern for your project. But know this, we take pride in our exceptional customer service, so we encourage you to reach out to us to learn about graded patterns. We’re more than happy to hear your concerns and make the best recommendations based on your preferences.

Don’t Be Afraid to Set That Trend, Girl!

The crafting craze is in! It’s the perfect time to flaunt your style not to mention your sewing skills. Making your own clothes is an impressive way of demonstrating your fashion sense. So don’t be afraid to show off what you’re capable of and what you can do to other sewing and fashion enthusiasts.

Here at Sewdirect, we partner with you in creating the most fun, fashionable and fearless clothes from sewing patterns designed by popular fashion houses in the industry. We are a premier provider of quality sewing patterns, so enjoy browsing our collections!

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