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Gertie patterns are all about wearability, pattern and silhouette. That’s why they look absolutely stunning when worn by shapely women. You can also easily substitute with vintage patterns and inexpensive fabric and still get the same wow factor once the dress is done. Easy-to-sew for beginners and seasoned sewists, the end result is perfect for casual events and daily wear.

Discovering the Charm of Gertie Sewing Patterns

Gretchen “Gertie” Hirsch is a sewing pattern designer known for her vintage-inspired creations. The patterns she makes, or what we know as Gertie patterns, are inspired by the 50s fashion era, as evidenced by the abundance of rose prints used in full-skirted dresses (also used in tops) supported by crinolines.

Gertie patterns allow sewists to make elegant dresses with full sweeping skirts and a flattering bodice meant to fit the wearer’s curves perfectly. These patterns result in sweet, feminine and charming dresses that women of all shapes and sizes can flounce about in. The pattern comes with instructions that sewists can easily modify so they can make their dresses truly their own.

Some Gertie patterns come with interchangeable skirts and bodices, so you can mix and match them to get several looks with the same pattern kits. Fringe ends are optional, so it’s totally up to you to add more flair to the dress. Ideally, since a lot of Gertie dresses have several layers, you should use light- to medium-weight fabrics as alternatives to the recommended materials.

Why Retro Is the Way to Go

It’s pretty obvious – the ‘50s are back, and it’s taking the fashion world (again) by storm. From overcoats to poodle skirts, a lot of 1950s wardrobe staples are once more gracing runways as well as the streets. This revival is not just being done for ready to wear clothes, but to sewing patterns as well. The vintage era is back, and retro enthusiasts are getting busy with the latest vintage patterns. But what makes retro a fad to be excited about?

The fashion industry is currently obsessed with the return of the hourglass shape, and it shows in the classic silhouettes found in several pattern collections. The 50s era is back with its tiny waist and skirts that are shaped specifically to accentuate the hips. The knee-length dresses with huge prints and keyhole designs make it impossible for sewists not to welcome this era back into their loving arms.

Out goes the cardigans, and in comes cropped knitted staples that make shapely women look even more feminine. Next to floral prints were polka dots and the oh so popular gingham patterns that were used not just in daily wear but also in swimwear. The 50s was also the time for halternecks, square necklines and shoulder-baring tops that further highlight the soft silhouette of the wearer. And let’s not forget about scarves, a must-have in any ensemble.

But perhaps the best thing about sewing retro patterns is that you can wear the finished clothes with your existing retro clothes. Now’s the perfect time to take them out of the closet and mix-match depending on your mood or the occasion. And if you feel you can’t sew full-sized patterns yet, you can just start with accessories.

You can also add a twist to retro patterns by experimenting with the fabric, the colours, the patterns and more. Gertie patterns actually make this easy because they have plenty of room for improvisations and additions. From necklines and sleeves to the bodice and skirt, you’ll have countless opportunities to personalise. You can hack these vintage patterns and create a unique look that’s yours alone.

Returning to the ‘50s

As a sewist, it’s always exciting to try out new trends like sewing retro patterns. If it’s your first time making these patterns, you can start off with a bodice-like top and then work your way from there. We have Gertie patterns available for you to try, which can be your steppingstone as you progress to more advanced patterns.

Can’t wait to start your new sewing project? Check out the latest Gertie patterns in our shop today! We invite you to visit the rest of our website for more retro-inspired patterns under our other brands. We currently carry Simplicity, Vogue Patterns, McCall, Butterick, NewLook and Burda Style brands. For any pattern specific queries, don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance. We’ll be happy to help!

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