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Looking for the latest Vogue Patterns in Australia? You came to the right place! Our roster of internationally acclaimed designers is the leading source of licensed couture patterns online. Our patterns have sewing skill ratings, so sewists can select patterns based on difficulty. We also have unique ‘Figure Flattery’ symbols to help you choose the most flattering style for the wearer’s body shape.

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A classic, updated

What Makes Vogue Sewing Patterns Unique

Different sewing patterns brands have different strengths. For some, it’s the retro vibe the finished products gives; for others, it’s how comfortable or how formal the sewn clothes are. The new Vogue patterns collection, on the other hand, is all about careful pattern drafting or what we call ‘Figure Flattery’ symbols. This allows sewists to choose the style that will best match the wearer’s body shape.

And we know how the words Vogue dress patterns can be intimidating to beginners, but trust us, we make sure that our clients have a good idea of what they’re getting into. Our patterns have sewing skill ratings, so beginners can pick patterns that match their current skill level. From Vogue patterns skirts to Vogue jacket patterns and pretty much any Vogue vintage patterns, we’re sure we have something special for you in our store.

Vogue Patterns Skirts

Our skirt patterns are classy and feminine while still offering the comfort to qualify as daily wear. Whether you’re wearing the skirt to work or a fun night out with friends, you’re sure to enjoy both your time sewing these patterns and wearing the finished products!

Vogue Jacket Patterns

Hip, fashionable, yet dainty enough to turn heads. That’s what our jacket patterns do. Our easy-to-follow patterns will make your sewing time enjoyable and the finished garments will surely wow whoever’s gonna see them.

Vogue is known for being classically trendy, with its well-fitting and shapely outfits. But that’s not all that they have to offer. The latest Vogue pattern releases include structured clothes that are balanced by soft curves and rounded accents, giving the pieces more edge.

Vogue Vintage Patterns for the Retro Lover

The strong niche of vintage sewists have remained passionate and welcoming of Vogue’s recent releases, but this market isn’t the only one the Vogue brand cares about. And that’s why Vogue has been offering more variety for enthusiasts who are branching out to different fashion styles. With Vogue’s more modern patterns, yes, even in the loungewear department, more and more sewists are turning to the brand for more of their fun projects.

An All-Inclusive Fashion Era

With a big part of the world currently taking their time in the dress era, Vogue doesn’t forget to update its separates collections. Trousers, pants, skirts and tops are still continuously being updated for the sewists’ satisfaction. We also have unisex shirts with structured but not over the top details that can elevate whatever look the wearer is going for.

Since 1914, Vogue has continued to provide their fashion fans with accessible couture options. Since then until today, sewing pattern collectors and sewists (new and seasoned alike) have remained loyal to the brand because of the variety available. The brand literally has hundreds of patterns available under different categories that feature the best of several decades of fashion.

And although Vogue’s collections are better known for women’s clothing, Vogue patterns provide a wonderful choice of patterns for children’s and men’s clothing. From jackets and pants to vest and robes and even hats, Vogue has certainly made being stylish easier for everyone.

Why Vogue Patterns are Sought After

You would think that with Vogue being considered high fashion that it would discourage sewists, especially the beginners, from collecting their patterns, but that can’t be farther from the truth. One of the many reasons is because these patterns were able to capture a moment in time where clothes were made to last longer because of the exquisite craftsmanship and high-end materials.

Another reason is that with the availability of these patterns comes the ability to tweak the patterns according to the sewist’s taste and preferences. They can change the colour of the fabric, the type of fabric, the length of the finished product, among others. That gives sewists an excitement that can only come from being given creative discretion in making something beautiful and, of course, useful.

Vogue patterns also make it fun to experiment with clothes that are a league of their own. Yes, it is Vogue. Yes, it is high fashion. But also, yes, it is a great way to expand your sewing skills as a beginner. These patterns make it easy for a sewist to be comfortable with fabrics and sewing and not be sent running away because the pattern is from a big brand. It allows sewists to have confidence in visiting new territories when it comes to their crafts.

New Vogue Patterns Taking You to a New Fashion Era

There was a time when Vogue could also mean formal. But those days are over. And although Vogue has retained their class and elegance in their patterns, they have also found a way to incorporate them in clothes that you can wear at home and not just on special occasions. There are even Vogue patterns for bikinis and swimsuits available now, so you can look dashing and regal without limiting your movements.

If you’re set on getting a Vogue pattern for yourself, feel free to check out our Vogue patterns below. If you can’t find a specific item you’re looking for, we invite you to bookmark the page and keep regularly checking because we are always doing our best to update our stock and make more choices available to our customers. You can also contact us for any pattern specific enquiries. We would be more than happy to help!

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