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Choosing the Perfect Sewing Patterns for Dresses

Our extensive collection features multi-sized patterns for daywear dresses for work or a fun night out. If you need a maxi dress pattern or a wrap dress pattern for other casual events, we’re sure we have one in our online store for you. Or maybe you’re looking for something for more formal occasions, like evening wear and other formal occasions. Our dress patterns are available in different styles, like a slip dress pattern, an a line dress pattern or even a wedding dress pattern; we offer multiple options to all our clients.

You can choose to use your preferred fabrics to create a style uniquely yours or follow our recommendations included in our patterns. All our brands cater to a variety of shapes and styles, so have fun dressing yourself up and other people with the clothes you intend to make.

We currently carry the brands Simplicity, Vogue, McCall’s Butterick, NewLook and Burda – so you’ll never run out of fashionable and timeless options. No two sewing pattern brands are exactly alike, but here are some things you can consider when choosing one:

Fabric – If you look at our collections, you’ll see that some brands have a fabric preference for certain clothes. If you prefer to use your own fabric, pick a brand that will look best with the fabric you have in mind. This will make it easier for you to sew because you’ll be working with a material that you’re familiar with.

Also, consider the style you’re interested in. If you want to use fabric that doesn’t stretch much, then it’s probably a bad idea to use it for activewear patterns. Or if you want to buy a pattern for a light and flowy dress, then you should know that heavy fabric won’t do it justice.

Time – If you’re making something that needs to be done by a certain date, you need to make sure that the pattern you choose won’t take too long to make. Inspect the pattern to get a better idea of the number of hours you’re going to need to finish the project. Don’t just look at the number of pieces. Sometimes, a pattern may require several individual pieces but is pretty straightforward to sew.

Our shop shows the measurements and fabric requirements info where you can gauge how much work the piece of garment will take to finish. Use it as a guide before making a purchase.

Current Closet Condition – One of the best things about sewing your own clothes is that you get to try it on first! If you’re sewing for yourself or for your family and friends, make sure you’re making the clothes based on the wardrobe you or they have. It’s always a great idea to create pieces that will complement your existing outfit and further elevate it instead of it being a lonely item that doesn’t go with anything you or they already own.

Additionally, make sure that the size of the clothes you’ll be sewing can literally fit inside your closet. If you’re planning to sew several long evening and bridal wear, make sure you still have the space for them so they don’t end up getting crammed inside a small storage. Depending on the material, you could end up with permanent creases that could ruin the look you’re going for.

Measurement – We carry brands that cater to various shapes and sizes. However, there will sometimes be people who don’t easily match a certain pattern category. For instance, a child may be too tall to wear sleepwear made from a pattern in our children’s collection. That doesn’t mean you can’t make one anymore. Some of our brands have sleepwear sets for families, and you can just use the pattern for adults to still make the piece you want.

Style – In the world of various styles, fashion is fluid. And that’s why we carry brands with unisex options, so we can remove restrictions when it comes to sewing clothes. Now you can create clothes that anyone can wear on any occasion they want.

Still can’t decide which pattern to get? Check out our FAQ section to get answers to your other questions.


Are the measurements adjustable?

All our sewing patterns are multi-sized which helps the home sewer to achieve a perfect fit. We recommend checking actual body measurements before choosing your size and cutting out your garment.

So, that means I can customise the dress to suit my personal tastes?

All our dress patterns come with several design variations, so you can adapt, alter, or customise to create your perfect look.

I’m a beginner; are these patterns too complicated for me to sew?

All our patterns come with easy-to-follow instructions. Some designs are more complex than others, so if you are a complete beginner, we recommend starting your sewing journey with an easy to sew pattern. Many patterns show a sewing skill rating, so choose a design that is ‘Easy’ or ‘Very Easy’.

How do I order?

It’s easy and simple – just choose the dress pattern that you want and click “add to basket” on the product page before checking out and completing your order. If your chosen items are out of stock, you can have us alert you by email the soonest we have them available, so you’ll never miss out.

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