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Simplicity Patterns

Simplicity patterns are one of the best and top-selling pattern brands in Australia. Not only do they make patterns that challenge and excite people who love to sew, but the wide range of patterns also gives sewists countless options to practice on.

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Perfect Dresses

Simplicity Sewing Patterns

Our extensive selection of Simplicity sewing patterns includes designs inspired by modern, timeless style and easy comfort. We have patterns that can cater to whole families and for all sewing skills, sizes and figure types. The brand has a special feature called “Amazing Fit”, which makes use of separate pattern pieces for different cup sizes and figure types to ensure a perfect fit.

Simplicity is a well-known brand that belongs to the “big 4” companies (Vogue, McCall’s, Butterick and Simplicity). Being part of the big 4 means that Simplicity is a brand that’s preferred by many sewists for many reasons. Simplicity dress patterns are not only fun to make, but they’re also a lot cheaper than buying premade clothes that may still need to be readjusted in some areas.

Understanding Your Simplicity Sewing Pattern Packet

Whether you’re buying Simplicity wedding dress patterns or Simplicity jumpsuit patterns, they’ll arrive at your doorstep in a packet. If you’re a beginner sewist, it’ll help to know what you’re working with so you can work on your sewing project efficiently. Here are some of the details you might find on your pattern packet (this may change without notice):

Pattern Number – You might find this either on the top right or left corner of the pattern. It’s a number assigned to the pattern so that fabric stores can easily pinpoint which pattern you’re talking about and assist you faster. If you have some clarifications, you can also call us with the pattern number for faster transactions.

Pattern Size – Usually, the sizes found directly under the pattern number (or next to it) indicates the actual sizes you can find inside your packet. Sometimes, a packet can have a huge range of sizes inside. Some will only have a few sizes in them. You need to pay close attention to this detail to know If you are, in fact, buying the right size range.

We highly advise you get patterns with multiple sizes to account for body changes beyond your control. It’s a much easier and more cost-effective option compared to buying a new pattern in another size.

Fabric Style and Variations – There will be a drawing or a picture of the finished outfit in front of the packet or envelope, so you know exactly what pattern you’re getting. Make sure to read the fine print because there are instances where some items may not be included, like accessories. We provide all our customers with downloadable information on print measurements and fabric requirements on our website. This serves as their guide in choosing yardage, layout and construction.

You can find our fabric recommendations in these downloadables, but you’re very much free to substitute your preferred fabric. Just make sure that you’re taking the material into consideration when sewing. Don’t use heavy fabric on flowy skirts or soft fabric on structured clothes with defined edges. When freestyling, remember to study and learn as much as you can about fabrics, so you don’t end up with a project you don’t love.

Sewing Pattern Difficulty – Some of our sewing pattern brands have skill level ratings, so you know what to expect before sewing. The packets or envelopes will sometimes reflect these ratings. This is especially helpful if it’s your first time sewing a pattern from the Simplicity brand. Not all brand patterns are built the same, so it’s always advisable to test out beginner patterns before going for the more complex ones.

If the level of difficulty isn’t indicated, you can call us for clarifications. You can also take a quick look at the sewing instructions or the pattern’s line drawings to gauge if it’s a project you can take on. Reading the instructions can also give you a better idea of whether you can easily finish the project.

Why Go for Simplicity?

Simplicity is popular for its modern and chic designs, not just for women but also for men and children. Our activewear and loungewear patterns can be worn throughout the year because they’re comfortable and can stand the stress of an active lifestyle. We also have bold and professional tops that can be used for work or for casual events outside of the office!

If you are into accessories and matching your clothes, Simplicity also has patterns for bags, hats, scarves and purses. If your love for crafting isn’t limited to clothes, we also have patterns for making home décor, pet accessories and doll clothes. Love sewing seasonal costumes? We’ve got you covered! We’ve got some amazing costumes for babies, children and adults! There’s no better way to enjoy costume parties than with a costume you made yourself.

We make sewing fun and enjoyable activity with the huge variety of patterns in our collections. We have patterns you can sew for your whole family and unisex clothes that you and your friends can take turns trying out. And although the brand is named Simplicity, we have gorgeous, head-turning formal wear like dresses and skirts that you can wear to special occasions.

Our latest releases have so far included modern shoulder wraps, masks and wrist straps with hot or cold inserts to provide you with comfort and relief from pain. We have also added craft bags for personal use or as a gifting idea. You can also use them as organisers for your supplies or your bigger bags. And we also didn’t forget to include vintage apron patterns that are truly a joy to make at home.

So, if you’re ready to sew some of the best patterns you’ve ever seen, now’s the time to get your patterns from our Simplicity line. We guarantee that you won’t regret your decision to do so.

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